How to Make Cannabutter (Classic Recipe for Super-Strong Cannabutter)

Cannabutter is the first and the most important step in making your own edibles.

So pull up a chair, grab some snacks, and get ready to learn:

  • How to make cannabutter, step by step
  • Cannabutter dosing guidelines
  • How to decarb weed

We have a lot to cover so let’s get started.

Step-By-Step Cannabutter Recipe


  • 4 sticks of butter (1 pound)
  • 7-10 grams of weed (preferably with 15% THC)


  1. Decarb your cannabis. Bake your lightly ground cannabis flowers for 30 minutes at 250°F (120°C). Read our full decarbing tutorial here.
  2. Boil water. Pour 4 cups of water into a semi-deep cooking pot and bring it to a boil.
  3. Add butter to the boiling water. Wait for the butter to melt, all the while stirring and mixing the pot.
  4. Add decarbed cannabis into the pot. Lower the temperature and simmer the mixture for 20-30 minutes, without boiling.
  5. Strain out the mixture through cheesecloth into a glass bowl (or a jar). Leave it on top of the cheesecloth to strain fully. The bulk of the plant material should be in the cheesecloth.
  6. Store in the fridge for 5-6 hours. The butter will form a crust on top and separate from the water.
  7. Cut the butter out. Use a knife to cut it out and then you can re-melt it in your microwave or just use it in an edible recipe.

Owning an extractor machine could hugely help out with some of this process.

Bonus: 5 Delicious Cannabutter Recipes

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How Much Weed Do You Need for Cannabutter?

Generally speaking, if you are making a pound of butter you’ll need between 7 and 10 grams of weed—that is if you’re using weed with an average potency of around 15% THC.

So, for math’s sake, let’s say your weed has 15% of THC.

One gram of cannabis has 1000 mg (one thousand milligrams), which means that, in our case, it contains 150 mg of THC.

When smoking a joint, you usually roll up anywhere between a half and a whole gram, and you share that joint with 3-4 people, which would indicate that 150 mg is enough to satisfy 4-5 people easily, or 30-50 milligrams of THC per person.

Cannabutter Dosage

Keep in mind that edibles are always more potent than other methods of consuming cannabis. Here’s the recommended dosage for edibles:

  • First-timers: 5-10 mg of THC
  • Light users: 20-30 mg of THC
  • Casual users: 50-70 mg of THC
  • Heavy users: +100 mg of THC

When making cannabutter, you’ll want to get a pound (4 sticks) of butter and 7-10 grams of weed which contains around 15%THC, or 150 mg of THC per gram.

This means that you’d have 7*150 mg = ~1000 mg or 10*150 mg = ~1500 mg.

Once you mix it with the butter, you could make 20-30 portions for casual users, or 30-50 light portions for novice users.

This is especially important because later on when you make edibles you will have to carefully measure how much you put in your food.

A pound of cannabutter is enough to keep you busy for at least two weeks, and in that time you should be able to bake at least two or three types of brownies, cookies, or whatever you like.

Don’t Forget to Decarboxylate Cannabis Before Using It in Edibles

Decarbing is a process of heating up weed so that it activates THC. This is an essential process for making weed edibles.

Decarb chart

The process of decarbing happens at 200-250℉ or 90-120°C.

That temperature is a lot lower than the temperature at which cannabis burns when smoked, which is between 400°C and 900°C.

As you can see in the chart above, the best way to reach the desired amount of THC is by following the curve.

Baking the buds at a high temperature for a shorter period of time has proven to be more effective than baking them for a bit longer at a lower temperature.

For an optimal THC content of 15-20%, you should bake your buds for 7-25 min at 300 or 250℉ (150-120°C).

You can also use the chart below to plan your decarbing process.

Decarboxylation temperatures times

Butter, Water, or Coconut Oil? Which One Should You Use for Cannabutter?

All are a good choice if you have something that stops you from taking the other. For example, you might be lactose intolerant so you decide to go with coconut oil.

Coconut oil tends to cover up the taste and smell of weed, so take that into account as well when deciding on which one to use.

While coconut oil and plain butter are favorites as the best base for cannabutter, most recipes rely on water as one of the main ingredients.

In the end, it’s all up to your personal preferences.

How Long Does Cannabutter Last

Now that you learned how to make cannabutter at home, you may wonder for how long you can store it.

If you store your weed butter in the fridge in a tinted airtight container or a tight plastic wrap, your cannabutter will be good for consumption for several weeks.

Just be sure that every time you take some amount of cannabutter, you close the container or wrap the rest of the cannabutter properly, to prevent air and moisture to spoil it. 

For those who don’t visit the kitchen too often, freezing cannabutter is a good idea. You can make a greater amount of cannabis-infused butter, place it in an airtight container, and store it in the freezer for up to six months. 

If you notice that your cannabutter smells weird, looks moldy, or tastes rancid, it’s probably gone bad and you will need to make a new cannabutter.

90 thoughts on “How to Make Cannabutter (Classic Recipe for Super-Strong Cannabutter)”

  1. I made the butter without water and stored it in my fridge. I took a little of it and made simple household chocolate cookies.
    I got to say to consistency and especially the taste of the particular strain to chose is just unbeatable. On top of that the high is strong and barely to withstand 😀 ! Anyway, thanks for the helpful tutorial!

  2. I made something similar before reading this, using coconut oil,
    Very finely ground flowers ground in a coffee grinder, cooked a much shorter time at low heat, and mixed with manuka honey, baking soda, sativa hemp oil, CBD oil, and NO water, never strained. Refrigerated it right away, about a week and a half ago. How long do you think it will last?
    Should I freeze some of it?
    It’s fine now, and I couldn’t possibly use it fast!

    • I put mine in butter in a double boiler. Then I just strain it directly into a canning jar that already has measurements on the side of it so I can see exactly how much I have. Thank you so much for this article. I’m an old head (50+ years -since I was 14 years old) who’s just now discovering these processes. I used to just throw raw, ground up weed into brownies or cookies. But now I understand the science behind the art of edibles!

      • If you’re making sweets don’t add the salt that’s in the recipe. All sweet recipes have salt in them. It actually enhances the sweetness.

        • It’s still better to use unsalted butter and the amount of salt that’s in the recipe, sweets like cookies and brownies only need a little salt and you can absolutely taste the difference with salted butter. ;P

      • Speaking of storage…can cannabutter increase in potency when first refrigerated? I made a batch and I swear it got more potent over the first 2-3 days. My son nearly fell down laughing when I walked into the living room and declared myself a victim of a “accidental buzz by” LOL All I did was lick the cookie dough spoon when I was done and and hour later I was contemplating the nature of my belly button LOL

      • I just made my first batch of canna butter and the recipe I used is from your site! It said 7 to 10 grams of weed and a pound of butter. Is that correct? I decade it @250 degrees for 30 mins and then done the boiling water process where I added the butter until it was completely melted then added my cooled down described weed simmered for 30 mins an then strained it into my jar! Does the size of the jar matter? And exactly how long does it have to stay In the fridge?

  3. I’ve been making canna butter and oil for 6+ years and basically follow the same recipe. I do not do the decarbing, never tried doing it. I use the butter to make jolly rancher type candy. I also make oil using either vegetable or cannola oil and follow the same recipe except no water and I simmer for 3 hours and make changes to weed amounts according to the ounces of oil. I usually make 64 ounces of oil at a time. I make cookies with the oil. I also add a little hash during cooking.

  4. Thanks, it all sounds good, but I wish that you stated how much cannabis and butter you used and general proportions. Just 4 cups of water doesn’t tell me much.

    • Hey Lela,
      thanks for noticing that. I’ve heard conflicting opinions in regards to how much cannabis should be used and what is the right proportion for the butter. I’ve added my opinion to the article now, so I hope that works for you!

      • So the best method for gauging how much flower to butter is actually to cook in a jar. You place the decarbed flower in the jar and then you pour the melted butter, in this case I only use organic coconut oil, on the flower until it covers all of the flower. I then put that jar into boiling water or a slow cooker with water for hours. The longer the better. Using the jar cuts out having to separate the butter from the water and keeps the butter at an constant temperature that won’t degrade the THC. Also if you use a microwave to thaw your butter so you can get the plant material out, you are annihilating so much of that butters potential potency that you might as well have started cooking with dirty Mexican brick weed. Microwaves get far too hot to risk burning off the THC to justify using them. Use the jar method and you’ll never be disappointed.

  5. My bf and I are making edibles and we started with decarboxylation and moved on to our infusion process. We are using a crockpot with about 3/4 cups of water and a mason jar filled with a stick of butter and our decarbed marijuana. During this process, the jar’s lid popped off and filled with water. My bf thinks the weed is completely ruined, while I think we can save it by boiling the butter, weed, and water together. Is is ruined?

    • Hello. The butter is certainly not ruined. Before I refined my butter-making technique, I put the butter, weed, and water in a Crock-Pot together.

      After you filter with a cheesecloth or fine seiv, all you need to do is refrigerate your oil/water blend for a couple of ours. The butter will separate beautifully from the water. All you do is pour off the water and you have perfect cannibutter.


  6. I am brand new to all this, having been introduced to weed in the seventies without much fondness for it. Now I used it several times with a fancy vape burner and was delighted to see it control my post surgical pain and give me a great high. But- my recent surgery was on my throat and my surgeon said it was clear some swelling happened, to stick with either an oil or edibles. So, my questions are: When the cannabutter recipe calls for 7 to 10 g of weed, my assumption is this is weight is after the decarbing process and I am wondering how much weed I need to heat to get the proper amount for making the 7 to 10 g. In other words, do you need to heat double the amount of raw weed, 10% more? My other question is how one would go about determining the THC content of the weed they purchased if through a freind, etc. My state (Michigan) has just legalized marijuana therefore I’m not sure which path I should choose in the future – medical card, homegrown, friends. Thanks for any guidance!

    • Hey Amy,
      the recipe calls for 7 to 10 grams of dried marijuana, meaning what you’d buy from a dispensary. You weight it before decarbing it.
      To answer your other question, there is no way you can find that out reliably unless you take it to a testing facility. As far as choices go, it’s best you start with medical and then move onto growing your own. Hope that helps!

    • Invest in a magical butter machine! Has decarb box, strainer, love glove and instructions! Just play with your oven and EMPTY decarb box to find out what oven temp works for right temp. Takes some time, but well worth it! Write it down for next time you do it. Half and half sativa/indica works nicely,😁

      • ive just bought a machine, that also decarbs it 1st. do you know how long and what temp i need to decarb at ? i have 7g of cannabis to new to all this and have trawled the internet for hours! thanks

  7. Please send me the cookbook, if it’s still available and free.
    I thank you very much, for your info on decarbing and dosing!

  8. So I only have the whole mixture mixture simmering for 30 min? I see other receptors call for 3 hrs… will the time simmered together affect the potency of the batch?

  9. I have straight oil from THC and want to make brownies how do I do mix with the buttrr ( organic boxed brownie mix) any info greatly appreciated

    • I’m not sure what you’re asking me? You want to turn the oil into butter first and then mix it with the cookie mix? Why don’t you just mix the brownie mix with oil?

  10. I’m new to this. I have a box mix of brownie’s call for 1/4 cup water 2/3 cup oil and 2 eggs. How would I make this into weed brownies? I have PPMS and the weed helps with the pain.

  11. So here is a rookie question from a state not yet legalized, what do you do with the plant material after you stain it out? I feel like it should be active right? Can I save it and mix it into some hot cocoa or smoothie.

    • If you’ve done the process properly there should be no thc or CBD left in the plant material. I toss mine on the compost pile.

    • Yes you can dry it out and grind it a little more if you can and mix it with coffee grinds to perk up our day. I mix it in with my brownie mix or cook with it in banana bread.

    • I use it to make a pesto. I mix it with cream cheese to make cheese balls and a spectacular ranch dip. I leave a little butter in it and add basil, thyme and savory. You cannot remove all of the THC or CBD so it will make for some lovely edibles that are not sweet. I’ve also made fudge, vinegrette, flavored chocolate fillings and added it to brownies to bump up their potency.

  12. %or Amount of thc10gs in one pound of butter. For sake of argument and easier math let’s say 3 grams of raw matter, beautiful I might add,per stick of butter. How many mg per 24 cookies? Doses in ?(?mg’s1-2 hour effect) & how many mg’s for 3+ hour effect)
    Example If one cookie was
    Givens:x=1/6g =y=1cookie
    Xy=g/mg’s ??? Would a half a cookie make a drastic difference? Amatuer?/or OG. Lol

  13. 100 mg per gram, so in 10g of weed = 1000mg / 24 cookies = 42mg per cookie (1-2h effect). For 3+ hour effect do 10g of weed = 1000mg / 10 cookies = 100mg per cookie. And if 100mg isn’t enough do 10g of weed = 1000mg / 7 cookies = 143mg per cookie, then you’ll definitely be high for 3+ hours.

  14. I was going to grind up a gram and just mix it in a bit of the brownie mix?

    I had made some weed burgers before with some shitty home grown -and that was quite a body high!

  15. Hey im only making enough for one batch of brownies.. So instead of 4 cups of boiling water… I only use one right? And instead.of that much flower, I decarb’d 5 gs. Does this sound right? Yo Anyone? Im cooking now… Lol

    • Contrary to popular belief, stems have negligible amounts of thc. Unless you have several pounds of stems you’re basically wasting your time.

    • I put the stems in a jar with olive oil and keep adding. After a few batches, I get a jar full of stems and a nice finishing oil, for dipping bread or making a nice vinegrette.

  16. this is such great info and just what I was looking for, so thank you for this. I have heard about oil/water method before. can you explain this? why oil/butter, water and the flowers? it seems counterintuitive too boil water and oil/butter, but there must be something to it.

  17. Lori, when you strain the flower/butter/water through the cheesecloth, you get *most* of the flowers/bulk product out. So, now your strained butter mixture is in your bowl, now you put it in the fridge to cool/harden.
    Oil and water don’t mix— so the butter will float to the top and harden. Now, the water underneath will contain the small stuff, (the dust that isn’t filtered by the cheesecloth), it’s still heavier than the butter and will sink to the bottom in the water. This process gives you a cleaner butter since the green is basically filtered out twice. Once in the cheesecloth, once in the water.
    When you pour off the water, you’ll see it has residue in it (that without mixing first with water, would be IN the butter). You get a cleaner taste/texture; All the punch without the gunk. I hope that helps 🙂

  18. I love the advice you give on here
    But could someone help
    Me with how do I get a more “cannabis flavour” to my cookies n cakes ? The thc and high is coming through in my baking I get compliments on calming effects however one thing people say is they can’t taste the flavour but can feel it
    I use 14grams of good flower (og kush or stardog ) and make into 250mls of organic coconut oil or butter but I prefer coconut . I make approx 35 portions with this – the high works but can’t teally smell or taste it how can I increase the smell ?

    • Pat yourself on the back. 90% of homemade edibles DO taste like cannabis and it is not a pleasant or desired flavor (at least by anyone I know). If you truly want more cannabis flavor I would suggest straining with a colander or something that would allow more plant matter to remain in your butter/oil/tincture. If using cheesecloth, really squeeze the plant material as to get all the liquid out, as this will extract more flavors as well.

  19. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for the recipe, it sounds easy enough. I thought it would have to be simmered much longer but if not, I’m all for that!
    Could you please recommend an accurate scale for measuring ounces and grams? My digital scale does not seem reliable.

  20. I Would like to get doses that are small and potent, like 50 mg THC per half teaspoon. This is because I don’t bake with it; I use coconut oil and simply put a half teaspoon in a hot cup of tea or coffee. Will a smaller quantity of coconut oil still absorb most of the THC? I have 3 g of flower that represents about 680 mg THC. If I boil it with 6 teaspoons of coconut oil, the results should be about 57 mg per half teaspoon.
    I guess my question is, will a larger amount of fat vehicle whether butter or coconut oil pull more THC out of the flower than a smaller amount of fat?

  21. A couple of other questions I have: My gas stove on the lowest setting possible where you can barely see the flame still causes the water to bubble slightly; is that a problem?
    Also, can the duration of the simmering reduce the potency if it accidentally goes too long say a couple of hours?
    I guess since I am going to do this experiment anyway, I will report back later on the results.

  22. I simmer so you have a few bubbles coming up, if it starts bubbling too much I just add a splash of cold water to cool it down a little. I simmer mine for 5 hours before straining through a cheese cloth

  23. Coconut oil has a relatively long shelf life (like a year when fresh). Personally I would use it all within 2 to 3 months which allows for a decent shelf life for anything I make with it i.e. brownies which i freeze and eat as i want or other baked goods. Sauces are typically consumed right away.

  24. hi, this is a great site with valuable information! I’m currently using the magical butter machine and it is great. Although, I messed up the first batch of oil. I used 1/4 of 15% THC, 3 cups of sunflower oil and 1tablespoon of lecithin ( I know it needed to be 3 tablespoons) it yielded 3 cups of canna-oil but one jar looked like olive oil and the other was way darker. Also, it seemed that there was a thick sediment swirl at the bottom of the jars. I used a 1/3 cup of the darker set of oil in a small batch of cornbread muffins which only yielded 9 muffins. I ate 3 and did not feel a thing after 2+hours. This is what confuses me… I used an online calculator which led me to believe that each muffin was 11mg each. Confused as to why the colors were different, was it not enough lecithin? And did I overcompensate with the extra cup of oil?

    Second batch. Currently, making butter using the same machine. I clarified 5 sticks of unsalted butter, yielding 2 cups of ghee. Added a 1/4 of 15% and 2 tablespoons of lecithin. After I strain this butter, how long do I cool it for before using in a recipe? Also, is it better to freeze? thanks for your your help!

  25. How long will your butter last? Expiration date? I don’t need a lot but I also don’t want it to go to ‘waste’.

  26. Can I use this in a no-bake recipe??
    I have gluten issues, so nothing with flour for me.
    Can I use the canna-butter in where I bring ingredients to boil?
    What about moon rock???
    Anyone using that for making thc butter??
    Suggestions for using moon rock are welcome!!

    • When using moon rocks, which I absolutely love. I simply put mine in blender to break them down, & decarb and boil as usual. You can use butter or coconut oil either one is great.

  27. I use 14g for 2 sticks of butter, with cup of water. Little added during. If my butter is weak, can I recook it to decarb it more?

  28. I’ve always wondered why we need to decarboxylate if we’re going to boil it in water afterwards? Wouldn’t the three hours of boiling it in water achieve the decarboxylation?

    So I’m wondering if it would work just to throw fresh crumbled weed into a pot of boiling water with butter.

  29. What about the water? Do you just “throw it out” or will it have some “medicinal” value to it all? (Does the THC rise to the top with the butter I guess is what I’m asking). I looked in vain to see if someone else had asked this question but no one has. I’m a first timer to decarb’ing and making cannabutter so excuse my Naïveté.

  30. I just put my butter, when liquid, into #00 caps, and store them in the fridge. If I’m not sure how strong the butter is I pop 2 caps after work and wait. After half an hour or so I know if it is a 3 cap, 5 cap, or 6 or even 8 cap batch. I just label the jar with my first observation, and it’s never failed me once. It seems just as reliable as doing lots of tedious math.

  31. You can use in any recipe you want that calls for a fat molecule like butter or oil. This is needed bc the THC binds to fatty molecules, like butter or oil, for example. The absolute best oil to use (for all recipes, even if the brownie box (for example) calls for vegetable oil, instead I substitute the veggie oil w my infused Coconut Oil) since Coconut oil retains the absolute most amount THC, plus if I remember correctly Coconut Oil is the healthiest oil choice. As far as your gluten issues, I just made some infused homemade Snickerdoodles cookies for my bff who has celiac and she also cannot have any gluten. So I substituted regular flour with King Arthur’s Flour, which is a great gluten free flour choice. Also, for anyone w dairy issues, Coconut oil is a great substitute for recipes that call for milk products. Enjoy!!

  32. So, why so short of a steep? I find the longer you leave it the better. I usually melt my butter, put in a crock pot on low, stir in butter and de carved bud… let it fester, without boiling/burning (yes, gotta stir it and keep an eye on it) for a full 24 hours. Strain, for sure!!!


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