Magical Butter Machine Review: Should You Buy One?


Although the legalization of edibles is set to kick in this fall in (almost) all of Canada, the case for owning a botanical extractor machine can still be made, especially for those with conditions that require frequent treatment with medical cannabis products. 

Designed for creating different types of butters, lotions, tinctures, and oils, including those infused with cannabis, the Magical Butter Machine comes in pretty handy for any DIY kind of person looking to enjoy marijuana-infused culinary treats. 

Behind the curious name lies a multipurpose botanical extracting device that will have you feeling like a bona fide chef in the kitchen without breaking a sweat. 

What is the Magical Butter machine?

The Magical Butter botanical extractor machine is essentially an immersion blender equipped with a digital thermostat and a heating unit. Its primary purpose is to cut back on the long preparation time needed for making marijuana candy, cannabis-infused butter, or cannabutter, as well as various herb-infused oils, tinctures and lotions. 

The company describes their product as “the world’s first countertop Botanical Extractor™” that is “scientifically designed for a specific purpose: creating incredible recipes and botanical infusions with little or no labor.” 

The Magical Butter Machine, available for $174.95 USD, will grind, heat, stir and steep your herbal extract all by itself for a hassle-free experience of finding new, delicious ways of consuming marijuana. 

What’s inside the Magical Butter box?

Along with the appliance itself, when you order the Magical Butter you will receive a heat-resistant glove for straining your product once processed, a filter, a 110 V power cord, and an owner’s manual

The machine itself offers four different temperature settings – 

● 54℃ / 130℉

● 71℃/ 160℉ 

● 88℃  / 190℉ 

● 104℃  / 220℉ 

And four different timers depending on what it is that you’re making – 

● 1 hour – recommended for oils 

● 2 hours – recommended for butters 

● 4 hours – recommended for tinctures 

● 8 hours – recommended for deeper and stronger flavors 

There’s also a Clean button for cleaning the machine.

The self-cleaning option might be one of its strongest selling points. After several pot brownies, seldom will you be in the mood to clean up. 

With the Magical Butter Machine, you just fill the jug with water and add a bit of liquid dish soap – and that’s it. After it’s done cleaning itself, simply rinse the pot. 

How to use the Magical Butter machine

The Magical Butter machine is pretty straightforward when it comes to fixing up whatever it is you feel like making at the moment. If you’re new to the world of edibles, have no fear as this device is fool-proof and produces consistently tasty results. 

The basic butter recipe goes as follows – unsalted butter, botanicals, and lecithin (which is an excellent emulsifier). After you have melted the butter, the rest simply consists in throwing in the ingredients in the Magical Butter machine, setting the temperature and the timer – and voila. 

The end result is a botanically-infused butter that needs to be filtered and refrigerated until ready for use. 

And that’s pretty much it. The general principle applies to whatever it is you’re making – you add the ingredients, close the lid, set the adequate temperature and timer, and let Magical Butter do the rest. On the company’s website, you can find an abundance of recipes

However, as most of you know, in order to enjoy the psychoactive properties of weed, it is crucial to first decarb your product. The chemical reaction that converts compounds like THCA into THC, or decarboxylation, is normally achieved by baking your dry herbs in the oven, although other methods are used as well. 

Magical Butter offers a DecarBox for this purpose. 

Magical Butter machine design

The design of the Magical Butter machine is clean and simple. A stainless steel pot about the size of a large mug, the appliance looks pretty inconspicuous in the kitchen. 

The temperature and processing time buttons are clearly marked on the top lid. 

Unfortunately, there have been complaints that the handle is fragile and prone to breaking, which seems to be the only issue concerning the design of the device. The warranty is valid for one year. 


One of the most important selling points of the Magical Butter machine is the fact that this device is extremely simple to use. Any novice to the world of edibles will find the appliance to be truly beginner-friendly. 

In addition to it being incredibly simple to use, the end result is well worth the investment. The final product is potent and high-quality, tastes delicious and, especially noteworthy, it is consistent. 

Another upside is that the Magical Butter process is virtually smell-free. When you place everything in the pot, the scent is almost completely contained inside. 

Last but not least, the device truly cuts back on the time (and mess) needed to produce edibles. Preparing edibles can be really time-consuming and if you’re a regular user, such as a medical marijuana patient, the thought of having to go through the whole extensive and long process every week can be nerve-wracking. 

Magical Butter is definitely a winner in this regard. 


This device is exceptionally noisy during the blending cycle. However, using a conventional food processor for mixing up your batches is pretty similar noise-wise. 

The only drawback aside from the racket that I’ve noticed is that it’s not really convenient for making smaller batches. 

If you’re looking to produce only small amounts of edibles, the two-cup minimum of the Magical Butter machine might not be up your alley and would be a bit on the pricey side. 

Final verdict

The Magical Butter machine is a solid investment for regular consumers of marijuana edibles. At a price of $10 to even $20 a pop for a pot brownie, this device can save you a lot of money. 

Furthermore, the appliance is very versatile and can be used for making a variety of other foods and drinks in the kitchen. 

As it’s extremely efficient and fast, I would recommend looking into purchasing the Magical Butter machine and getting started on some delectable cannabis recipes. 

About the author
Helena Miles

Experienced journalist with a decade-long experience of researching cannabis. She has been featured in many prominent outlets, such as The Growth Op, National Post and The Province.

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