Hydrology 9 – The Most Stylish Vaporizer on the Market

Hydrology 9

The Hydrology 9 is a portable dry herb vaporizer with a signature water-filtration system that provides a bong-like vaping experience.

Manufactured by Cloudious 9, the first water filtration integrated vaporizer is quite an eye-catcher.

With nothing similar on the market, Cloudious 9 says its product design team started with a blank slate, resulting in a burst of creativity and the vape’s truly impeccable design.

They claim Hydrology 9 is the “result of countless revisions and optimization of user experience.”

The vaporizer’s crazy LED light show is just a bonus.

What’s in the Hydrology 9 box?

When you purchase the Hydrology 9 vaporizer, expect to find the following  items tucked

neatly in the box:

  • AC adapter 
  • Charging cable 
  • User manual 
  • Cleaning kit 
  • Extra mouthpiece silicon ring
  • The vaporizer itself

Hydrology 9 tech specs:

Hydrology 9 parts

Providing the bong experience is the fully-integrated water filtration system, which Cloudious 9 says was a serious challenge to create. The company applied a “tunnel tube” liquid filtration design for a patent.

Aside from the water system, which provides both cool vapor and is leak-proof, Hydrology 9 comes with a ceramic chamber that uses conduction heating.

Keeping in mind the eye-popping design and the hassle they went through with the water filtration, this particular facet of the Hydrology 9 is kind of underwhelming.

The basic heating element does what it’s supposed to, but still, it leaves you with the feeling that the manufacturers were more concerned about style than substance.

There are five temperature settings, arranged according to various colors:

  • Blue light (Low) – 200°C/392°F
  • Green/yellow (Low/medium) – 210°C/410°F
  • Orange (Medium) – 220°C/428°F
  • Purple (Medium/high) – 230°C/446°F
  • Red (High) – 240°C/464°F

It should be noted that the heat settings are vague as no exact temperatures are provided. So, those of you who know precisely what your preferred temperature range is – you’re gonna have to discover it again when using this device.

The Hydrology 9 takes around 60 seconds to heat up, which is pretty slow compared to a lot of other devices on the market. On the other hand, it includes a built-in stirring tool in order to ensure even heating and keep waste at a minimum, which is pretty neat.

Moving along, this vaporizer features a rechargeable 2000 mAh lithium battery that takes about 3 hours to fully charge. The battery lasts up to 15 sessions but Hydrology 9 can be also used during charging. Due to the complexity of the design, however, the battery is not replaceable.

Hydrology 9 vapor quality

As the most important aspect of any vaporizer, vapor quality can make or break a product.

Hydrology 9 can produce solid and visible vapor but where it lacks for most is in the taste. The vapor has very little flavor, unfortunately.

The fact that’s it’s easy on the lungs is great. The water filtration system does a good job of keeping irritation at bay, so if this is a feature you think you would really enjoy – then it’s settled.

But if you’re looking for more taste, Hydrology 9 might not be the perfect fit.

Hydrology 9 design

Hydrology 9

This is Hydrology 9’s biggest selling point.

The sleek, seven-inch long body is shaped like a cylinder and is very, very stylish and sophisticated (although not exactly discreet which could be a deal-breaker for some).

It’s crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum with a borosilicate glass mouthpiece, it’s easy to assemble and generally feels very solid in the hand.

However, this device doesn’t really live up to the definition of portability. It’s not pocket size, and considering the additional step of having to fill it with water, I really don’t feel like I would use this outside of the confines of my home.

And while it’s not truly portable-friendly, this elegantly-designed vape boasts a leak-proof water tank, making it suitable for traveling. If you’re worried about the glass breaking, there’s also an accompanying leather carrying case that retails for $50.

The multi-colored LED light show that corresponds with the heat settings might be taking it a bit too far – but then again, in low lighting, it glows like a lava lamp and can really contribute to the mood during a session.

How to use the Hydrology 9

Hydrology 9

Although the design is complex, Hydrology 9 is fairly easy to use.

First, you remove the leak-proof cover along with the glass tube in order to pour in water. The company recommends trying different levels of water between 40%-70% until you find your preferred amount.

Next step – loading the chamber. Turn the device upside down, unscrew the bottom lid and load the chamber with your herbs.

That about covers it. You click the power button 3 times and the flashing light indicates the device is turned on. If you’re in the mood for the LED light show feature, which Cloudious calls.

PARTY MODE, just hold the power button for 3 seconds.

Upon completing a session, it’s recommended to drain the water. Regarding cleaning, Cloudious says a microfiber cloth will work well along with a bit of soap and water.

Hydrology 9 is covered by a two-year warranty.

Hydrology 9 standout features

Design design design.

As I’ve already mentioned on multiple occasions, Hydrology 9 really is a fine looking device.

Furthermore, the lack of harshness when vaping as a result of the water filtration system is definitely a plus, and also makes it more accessible to beginners as well.

Final verdict

Some users may have issues with Hydrology 9 portability and bland vapor taste.

However, a lot of thought and effort went into the design of this product, as well as into the water filtration system that makes vaping easy on the lungs.

At a price of $250, you may be tempted to look at what alternatives you can find, but chances are Hydrology 9 will be your final choice.

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