Nectar Collector – The Vertical Art of Vaping

Nectar collector

You can hardly imagine a simpler vaping device, yet the effects of using it are amazing. It goes by many different names, such as “dab straw” and “honey collector”, but the official one is nectar collector.

It found its place on the vape market a couple of years ago and has already become extremely popular.

The nectar collector is basically a glass straw that you heat up and when it touches your concentrate, it vaporizes it.

It also looks like a small bong, thanks to the body that contains a water filter. It serves the purpose of percolating the smoke, and helps you take a cleaner hit.

It is the original vertical vaporizer, by the words of its creator, who will join us on this ride of getting to know this magnificent vaping invention.

Basics of the nectar collector

This little glass straw helps you vape easily, because it’s portable, easy to use, simple to clean and spill proof.

The packaging normally contains a tip, which you use to dip in a container with a concentrate of your choice.

The tip can be quarts or titanium, because it is the part of the collector which you will eventually heat up, so it needs to be a solid non flammable material.

A recycler body made out of glass is also a part of the set, and it can be filled with water for filtration. This is important, because you need to add water to chill the vapor.

The product is designed in such a way that makes it unspillable, so you don’t have to worry about that.

There is also a mouthpiece tube, which is removable and can vary in length, depending on your preferences.

Last but not least, the packaging contains clips for securing all the pieces of your nectar collector into place, so none of the parts can easily detach and fall off.

What you will need, apart from the set itself, is a butane torch to heat up your tip (at around 450 degrees Fahrenheit) and a container where you’ll keep your concentrate (preferably made of quarts or ceramics, because it will also be exposed to high temperatures).

How to use the nectar collector

The nectar collector allows users to dab without any pressure, and erases the difference between advanced and beginner smokers.

It is very easy to use. Here’s how:

  1. Put water in the glass body by sucking it in, like you would do with a straw. 
  2. Put on the tip of your choice and heat it up.
  3. Wait till the tip cools down, then dip it in a container with the concentrate of your choice, and inhale.

It’s also really easy to clean – just wash it with a bit of alcohol after every use, and you are ready for the next one.

The inventor of nectar collector – exclusively for Greencamp!

Kristian Merwin

We’ll tell you more about this modern vape miracle, with the help from none other than the inventor of the nectar collector himself, mister Kristian Merwin.

Kristian finds his inspiration in playing with gravity while surfing, and also skiing and free climbing.

He is a glass sculptor and structural engineer with a background in management.

He uses multiple techniques from several disciplines and utilizes the properties of glass to create unique pieces of glass art.

This time he will tell us more about his glass invention that recently came into the vaping world and shook it like a storm.

Q: How did you came up with the idea and design for the nectar collector?

The nectar collector was invented in Oregon as a tool to simplify the process of dabbing in the hard conditions of mountain life.

In its most humble beginnings, the first nectar collectors were simple straws; glass pipettes purchased from the chemistry supply shop, with the purpose of imitating the glass bong and its functions.

Somewhere in the middle of  2011, Jefe Z presented the idea of vertical dabs to a world class glass pipe maker (me!) and the Honey Badger dab straw was first created.

A few months later and after some serious research, the design for an in-line water cooled glass pipe was manufactured. It also had a spill proof system. So then, a vertical vaporizer came to me like a magnificent idea, in a flash. I just drew what I imagined and then made it.

With the addition of water filtration system the vertical vaporization concept was created. Dabs are never going to be the same again, and my invention will be recognized world wide.

Q: What are the main benefits of using a nectar collector and how to use one properly?

I believe the nectar collector is the easiest to use, most efficient dab rig out there and with a little practice it delivers the best flavor possible from your concentrates.

The usage is easy: first you heat up the tip with a torch. Preferably spin the straw around for an even heating, but not hotter than 450 F.

Once it is hot enough, get close with the straw to your concentrate, tap it on the side of the dab straw, and inhale. Of course, you need to fill your straw body with water, to percolate the smoke.

Q: We see you have different designs and a lot of options to choose from, so how do I choose the right one?

Nectar collector

Nectar Collector has a range of products that are designed for ease of use and durability, and are great for travel.

We also have a line of larger, more elaborate pieces that are meant for home use. For me, I have a Honeybird Pro, Honeybird Delux and V3.0 in my personal collection at home that I use daily.

At the studio I am currently using and loving the Mini Pro.

Q: What are the main differences between the nectar collector and other vaporizers?

The nectar collector is unique among dab rigs because instead of bringing the dab to the hot thing (usually a bucket or banger these days), you are bringing the hot thing to the dab.

This allows for much more control over the size of the dab you take. With the nectar collector you are not committed to taking or wasting all the product that went off your dab tool and into the banger, you can just dip and sip… like a hummingbird, get it ? 🙂

Q: We are also interested to hear about the electric version of the nectar collector, can you tell us more about it?

We endorse and sell the Huni Badger. It is a great portable electric tip that pairs with the nectar collector. The main difference is that you don’t need a torch to heat it up. It basically heats itself, and all you have to do is charge it accordingly.

Q: I noticed your design is copied a lot. How can we tell apart the original from a fake copy?

Yes, the level of copying of the nectar collector is overwhelming.

We do not sell on Ebay, Amazon or Walmart. I would treat all listings there as selling counterfeits.

As for stores, that’s a little more difficult. The best way to be sure is to familiarize yourself with our products on our website before going to your local shop.

Q: And last but not least, can you tell our readers how did you become a leader in this growing market and what are the next steps regarding the evolution of the nectar collector?

From the day I invented the nectar collector almost nine years ago, I have been on a mission to continuously improve the design.

I am currently refining the 4th generation of nectar collectors with the infinity tech product line.

From its humble beginnings as a pipette dab straw, from the chem shop to the modular system for dabbing and smoking that it is today, the nectar collector has come a long way!


With traditional dabbing gear you can easily waste some goods along the way and you can’t carry it around many of them since they’re not that portable.

The nectar collector’s unique design allows you to take a  perfect hit every single time. It is also easy to carry around because it is so small and non spillable, plus it’s cheaper than a lot of dabbing gear on the market.

Simply heat the tip, dip and sip. From tiny hits to giant rips, nectar collector can handle it all.

With less parts to manage, total control of the dosage, and ease of use while in a vertical position, this product has been finding widespread acceptance in the ever-growing vape community.

There are a lot of options to choose from, accessories to go with it, a custom made design, and even an electrical version of the original NC.

So our advice is this – try it, you will love it. It is an inexpensive, clean, and easy yet fashionable way of consuming your concentrate.

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