Arizer Extreme Q Review: Royalty Among Desktop Vaporizers

As one of the most experienced companies in the vaping industry, Arizer really came through with their second offering from the Extreme series. Here’s why.

Product Arizer Extreme Q
Warm Up Time 2-3 min
Battery Life /
Temp Control Yes
Temp Range 50-260°C
Price US$149.99 > Arizer


When it comes to the top-selling vaporizer companies, Arizer has long been one of the leaders in the business, and for a good reason. The quality of their devices, combined with very affordable prices, makes Arizer vaporizers very popular in the cannabis world.

This Canadian company offers both desktop and portable units. Their products are generally considered reliable and users tend to be very pleased with the quality of the devices, as well as the vapor density which is always an important factor.

Arizer Extreme Q is a very favored desktop multipurpose vaporizer. It’s basically a redesigned and upgraded version of the previous model Arizer Extreme, offering two main vaping options, and it can also be used as an aromatherapy unit.

Let’s check out what else makes this device a go-to tool among recreational and medical cannabis users.

What’s in the Arizer Extreme Q box?

The Extreme Q vaporizer comes in a very classic-looking box but I was actually a bit disappointed that they didn’t put too much effort in the design of the packaging.

Arizer Extreme Q box contents

Then again, I was somewhat high when I reviewed it, so maybe that explains my emotional reaction. When you open the brown box it comes in, you will see the Multi-Purpose Heater and a bunch of accessories:

  • Power adapter;
  • Remote control;
  • Two glass cyclone bowls;
  • Glass aromatherapy dish;
  • Two interchangeable glass whip mouthpieces;
  • Glass stirring tool;
  • 3’ whip (silicone);
  • All-glass mini whip;
  • Two balloons with frosted glass mouthpieces;
  • Spare flat screen;
  • Spare dome screen;
  • Sample aromatic botanicals;
  • Instruction manual.

Arizer Extreme Q tech specs 9/10

First of all, Extreme Q is primarily a dry herb vaporizer.

If you like to treat yourself with dabbing, you should get another portable pen vaporizer as an additional accessory. So remember — no E-juices and extracts with the Extreme Q.

The device itself has a LED display which provides a nice, simple and clear overview of the temperature settings, as well as other important information.

As I mentioned earlier, the Extreme Q is a multi-purpose vaporizer. First of all, you can choose between two vaping options: filling a plastic balloon with vapor, or using a hookah-like whip.

Besides vaping, Extreme Q can also be used for aromatherapy and also as an oil diffuser, which makes it a cool all-around unit.

Extreme Q temperature range and temperature control

Arizer Extreme Q offers an extremely precise temperature control ranging from 50°C–260°C (122°F – 500°F).

It’s very easy to adjust the temperature by just pressing the up and down buttons on the device, or by pressing the plus or minus button on the remote control.

Arizer Extreme Q temperature controls

By remote control, or through the M button on the device itself, you’ll go into a menu where you can choose 3 different fan speeds with which you can completely control the density of your vapor.

If you want, you can change the temperature units to Celsius or Fahrenheit by pressing the menu button 6 times.

The recommended vaping temperature for this device is between 190°C and 210°C, but that also depends on the strain in question (the thickness and density of the buds) and how finely the weed has been ground.

Arizer Extreme Q Vapor Quality 8/10

When it comes to vapor, the Extreme Q is probably the only desktop vaporizer that offers two vaping styles. You can inhale vapor from plastic bags, but also from the “whip” tubing.

You can fill up the bag with vapor quite quickly (about 3.5 minutes), which will be more than enough for a one-person vaping session. The only downfall of this method is that there are no valves on the bag, so drawing the vapor out can be a bit tricky before you get used to it.

If you’re like me and prefer the whip style, you can easily switch to the silicone tube.

Because the vapor goes through a longer air path along the “whip”, it has a lot more time to cool down, making it much more pleasant for consumption.

All in all the vapor is cool, clean and smooth, and definitely has a lot of flavor.

It’s certainly a much healthier way to consume your cannabis, just keep in mind that the vapor from the balloon is slightly less dense, so this option is a bit less satisfying than the whip.

Arizer Extreme Q Design 8/10

Overall, the Extreme Q is manufactured quite nicely. The device doesn’t draw too much attention to itself, and it actually reminds me of some sort of a kitchen appliance.

As it is a desktop device, it’s not discrete.

Arizer extreme Q design

If you’re having some people over who aren’t into vaping and cannabis in general, it’s probably best to put it away and avoid all the unnecessary boring questions.

The look of the unit is great, minimalist and kinda futuristic and its made from plastic, glass and ceramic materials.

Regarding the size of the Extreme Q, the device is not small at all. The dimensions are 24cm x 34cm; and it weighs around 2.3 kilograms.

How to use Arizer Extreme Q


Before you start using a new vaporizer (not just the Extreme Q), you should definitely sterilize it to eliminate any smells and dust particles left from the manufacturing process.

To sterilize Arizer Extreme Q, press the button on the bottom left corner. The display will show the current temperature in bigger numbers, and the desired set temperature in smaller numbers.

Now, set the temperature on max by pressing the upper right button until it gets to 260°C.

You’ll immediately see when the temperature begins to go up.

After that, place the cyclone bowl on top of the device and leave it to run the 20-minute cycle.

Your device is now ready to vaporize your pot, but before you load it, first turn the Extreme Q off for a moment so it cools off a bit. This will result in a much more flavorful vapor.

Filling it up & chamber info

Extreme Q has quite a large chamber, and you can pack around 1.2 grams of dried flower in it.

To load the vaporizer, finely grind the weed but don’t go too crazy. Load the weed into the cyclone bowl, located on top of the screen.

Find the right strain for you

Whether you want to relieve anxiety, pain or depression, the right strain is out there. Use our online tool to narrow the search.

Get Started

If you want to use the whip option, place the whip elbow adaptor on top of the bowl. If you want to use the balloon, attach it to to the short whip and place the short whip on top of the device.

Set the temperature by toggling the up and down arrow buttons. When the device is heated, the actual temperature will match the set temperature, which will take up to 2 or 3 minutes.

For whip, the process is a bit easier, as you just draw from the other side. But with the balloon bag, it’s slightly more complicated.

You have to put the bag on the other side of the short whip and turn the fan on so that it starts to fill the balloon up with the vapor.

Once it gets filled just draw directly from the bottom of the balloon, and as there’s a lot of vapor in it you can easily share it with somebody and still get a considerable buzz from only one session.

How to clean Arizer Extreme Q

Since the Arizer Extreme Q has a lot of fragile glass parts, cleaning and maintenance will take some time and patience.

To keep the device running smoothly, you should clean parts when you see that they became yellowish in color (especially the cyclone bowl), and of course, the frequency of cleaning will absolutely depend on the frequency of use.

You’ll need some cotton swabs, isopropyl alcohol (ISO), some warm water and some clean paper towels.

To clean the cyclone bowl and the mouthpiece, first wipe it as much as you can with a paper towel and pick up the rest of the dirt and resin with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

The whip and the mini whip need to be changed when they start losing color, and in the meantime you can take care of them by periodically rinsing them with some warm water.

The screens are the trickiest parts for cleaning, and they need to be completely changed every once in a while (you can buy them separately on the manufacturers website). You should also clean them with swabs and alcohol, before procuring one parts.

As for the balloons, I don’t think there’s a good way to clean them, but you can always buy new ones online.

Arizer Extreme Q Standout Features

This desktop device comes with a lifetime warranty on the ceramic heating parts, and the defects in other materials and general workmanship are covered by a three-year warranty, which is pretty nice.

The warranty does not cover losses if you break any of the glass pieces, so it’s better to be extra careful with those smaller fragile parts.

There’s one specific feature that I really like about this vaporizer: you can even make it portable.

For an additional hundred bucks you can upgrade your Extreme Q with an External Battery Pack, and take it anywhere you want. Perfect for keeping your vape sessions professional during travelling.

Final Verdict


My overall experience with the Arizer Extreme Q was very pleasant and enjoyable. This is why we recommend this unit to be your first desktop vaporizer. It’s very affordable, and really easy to use. The major disadvantage are the fragile glass pieces that can break very easily, but you can quickly replace them by ordering spare parts.

US$149.99 > Arizer

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