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Adam Chen

Adam Chen has written for publications such as BuzzFeed and HuffPost, and is passionate about sharing stories. Currently based in Toronto.

COLUMN: Ganja Yoga Stretched More Than Just My Body

In February I toured L.A., exploring the City of Angels’ weed scene. After a week spent dealing with the infamously wretched L.A. traffic, carrying luggage and equipment all around this unfathomably sprawling town, I was...

The Future of Women and Weed

“Why feel bad about making ourselves feel good? It’s high time we celebrated pleasure for pleasure’s sake.” This reads the description of a poster for an interactive cannabis installation, inviting visitors to “look around, smell,...

Cannabis studies in Canada: Is there a stigma?

With a rapidly growing job market, university programs focused on the cannabis industry are popping up across Canada. Do university faculty or students hold any reservations? “I was scared of what my parents are going...
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