Boundless CFX Review: Mid-Range Does Not Mean Mediocre

Boundless CFX

A portable, yet powerful vaporizer, the Boundless CFX model from Ontario-based Boundless Vape Technology might be the right choice for people looking for a mid-range priced device that produces quality vapor and surprisingly good taste.

Marketed on Boundless’s website as taking aromatherapy innovation to the next level, the CFX does pack a serious punch for a portable vaporizer.

Suitable for both frequent users as well as absolute beginners, this fast-heating vaporizer has unique features that we’ll explore in detail in the following review.

What’s in the Boundless CFX box?

Boundless CFX box contents

Aside from the device itself, with each purchase you will receive:

  • A cleaning brush
  • A stir tool
  • A wall charger
  • A USB charger
  • 2 rechargeable 2500 mAh Li-ion batteries
  • And the owner’s manual

All in all – pretty standard for most portable vaporizers on the market today.

Boundless CFX tech specs

Having already mentioned the dual charging option with the wall and the USB charger, it is worth noting that the Boundless CFX charges superfast.

The vaporizer is also equipped with two rechargeable 2500 mAh Li-ion batteries.

Charging via the USB takes up to three hours while using the regular wall charger slashes that time to between 30 and 60 minutes. This, in combination with the speedy heat-up time, is where the CFX excels.

Important – the Boundless CFX has an initial charging time of 4 – 4.5 hours when using the USB, and 1 – 1.5 hours using the wall charger.

On to the temperature, the Boundless CFX has a temperature control range of 100°F to 430°F (37.8°C-221.1°C).

The 80 W ceramic oven might be one of its strongest selling points as the device heats up in about 20 seconds.

As mentioned, the oven is ceramic, while the heating element is made of aluminum.

The CFX’s combination of convection and conduction heating results in dense, even vapor with visible clouds and a very solid taste.

The company also offers a water pipe adapter (sold separately), which will enhance the overall taste of your product.

In order to preserve battery life, the CFX has a 5-minute auto shut off. Per charging, expect to get ten to fifteen 5-minute sessions. Following a completed session, the CFX goes into standby mode.

Other features include haptic feedback, a large OLED display, and a fully isolated air path.

For the uninitiated, an isolated vapor path is of paramount importance as you don’t want to inhale anything other than the herbs when vaping (for both flavor and health reasons).

Boundless CFX vapor quality

Bearing in mind the Boundless CFX’s mid-range price point ($179.99), the vapor quality is actually pretty remarkable.

The hybrid heating system delivers smooth, solid taste, while vapor density is really good – the device can produce pretty impressive, thick clouds. Obviously, the lower price point of the Boundless CFX means it won’t exactly outperform the Mighty vaporizer. However, when it comes to vapor quality, the two are comparable – and the CFX puts up a good fight.

As there have been some complaints regarding airflow and the plastic mouthpiece, the good people of the internet did point out that the mouthpiece can be switched with a different brand (with a little bit of disassembling).

Most would agree that glass mouthpieces are key in order to enjoy maximum flavor purity and vapor cooling, so it might be something worth looking into for fans of a premium vaping experience.

BoundlessCFX design

Boundless CFX

Weighing about 7 ounces, the CFX is compact and definitely portable. However, it’s not truly pocket-friendly and the bright OLED display is not exactly subtle. For those looking for a pocket-sized alternative, check out the Boundless CF.

Nevertheless, the digital display does come in pretty handy as it includes all the information you need during a session.

The Boundless CFX isn’t really a showstopper in terms of design. It’s about the same width and length of a larger cell phone and it feels sturdy in the hand. All in all, the design is neat but nothing to write home about.

How to use the BoundlessCFX

Using the Boundless CFX is pretty simple, which results in consistent and foolproof vaping. The large capacity chamber is ideal for longer sessions, however, it will work just as fine with smaller loads.

  1. You start off by removing the mouthpiece and inserting one of the screens provided with the CFX into the heating chamber.
  2. Next step – whether finely or loosely ground, you place the herbs inside the oven, making sure not to overfill the chamber. At this point, you place the mouthpiece back on and proceed to the temperature settings.
  3. Choose the desired temperature and the CFX will vibrate once it heats up.

All that’s left is to enjoy your vapor.

It’s recommended that you clean the vaporizer while it’s still slightly warm as leaving the device to cool down completely before cleaning can lead to more intense scraping in order to get it spotless.

Speaking of cleaning, vaporizers should be cleaned regularly. The Boundless CFX is no exception – use the cleaning brush that comes in the set to take proper care of the device, preferably after every use.

BoundlessCFX standout features

With a heat-up time of approximately 20 seconds, speed is most definitely an important standout feature of the Boundless CFX.

Furthermore, ease of use should also enter the list of standout features, as it might be important to folks that are just getting started in the vaping game.

Finally, the digital display featuring the temperature gauge and a session timer is a nice touch.

Final verdict

The Boundless CFX is convenient, fast and (somewhat) portable.

Its ability to produce huge and potent clouds paired with fast heating and an excellent battery makes the Boundless CFX a worthwhile investment for people looking for an all-around quality vaporizer, but aren’t willing to splurge on a more higher-end device.

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