The Levo Oil Infuser I & II: Review & Comparison

The levo oil infuser 1 and 2

You may think oil infusion is a recent trend, but it’s actually an ancient tradition.

Different parts of plants like flowers, leaves and fruits were used throughout history for making medicinal oils.

The definition of “infused oil” is: A mixture comprised of the herb’s volatile oils and another oil. The so-called carrier oil is used to extract an herb’s volatile oils by soaking plant parts in it for a specified time period.

Volatile oils are actually essential oils found in plants. Now, not all plants have sufficient amounts of essential oils, and that’s where infusion steps in.

In order to get a decent amount of infused oil, you need a carrier oil (any type of vegetable oil, such as sunflower oil or coconut oil) and the essential oil. The end result gets you the best of both worlds.

In a nutshell: Carrier oil + Essential oil = Infused oil

How to make infused oil

A simple Google search for how to make cannabis-infused oil returns more than two million results in a matter of seconds. We’ve picked out a couple of recipes for you.

There’s a simple video tutorial if you’d like to see how it’s done and a traditional, written recipe with photos for those who prefer to read. Depending on the recipe you choose, it’ll take you either an hour and a half or three and a half hours to make the oil.


Wouldn’t you love to sit back and relax with a joint, a bong or a pipe in your hand and let someone (or something) else do all the work?

If your answer is yes, continue reading this article.

Drumroll, please: The Levo Oil Infuser

Advertised as something that will revolutionize infusion, the Levo Oil Infuser is a top-notch kitchen appliance ready to find a forever home at your address. It’s one of those good investments you won’t regret.

There are two versions of Levo available. The original Levo first appeared in 2016. Then came the upgraded version – Levo II.

We’ll review both versions. Levo I retails for $149.99 and you can get it with free shipping here (30-day return and refund available). Levo II costs $349.99, but it’s worth every penny!

Levo I: The original

Levo 1 oil infuser

Levo is a small, but powerful gadget. It features a simplistic, somewhat retro design and comes in four different colors. There’s no doubt it will fit any kitchen setting.

It features a simple, LED interface with control buttons. You can set the temperature and time manually. If you’re not sure about the time and temperature settings, you can check out Levo’s calculator.

Due to its size, it can only process small amounts at a time. It infuses between 5 and 16 oz of oil or butter in one go. Don’t let this discourage you, though. You’ll get a premium quality, homemade product that’s not available anywhere else in the world.

Levo will do the entire infusion by itself. That means there’s no mess, before or after. Once you hear the sound, your infused wonder is ready. Levo strains it for you so you don’t need to buy additional filters.

One thing to note is that you need to dry and decarb your herbs before infusion. Using dry herbs will yield better products.

The silicone stirrer as well as top tech prevents air from entering your mixture. This will prolong the shelf life of your oils and cannabis butter.

When it comes to cleaning, it’s easy as one two three. All the components are dishwasher safe. You can do a thorough clean up every once in a while using a cotton swab, to remove residual oil.

The Levo I can be easily stored as well since it’s small and compact. If you’re not going to use it for a while, make sure to clean and dry all the parts before putting it away.

Levo II: Decarber & oil infuser

Levo 2 oil infuser

The Levo II is the Levo I and so much more. The design remains sleek, but the size has changed. The Levo II is almost double the size of the Levo I, but that makes perfect sense since they needed space for all the new and cool features. It comes in five new and bolder colors to fit any taste.

Control and maintenance are simple and straightforward. All removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Levo II is a 2-in-1 – it both decarboxylates and infuses oil. To dry your herbs, you just need to choose the Dry Cycle on the LED display. Remember, dry herbs guarantee a longer shelf life (you must decarboxylate when making cannabis oil).

Another cool option is the Activate Cycle. The Levo II uses heat to increase potency of herbs before the actual infusion process.

Levo designers introduced a bigger pod with Levo II. The so-called Power Pod allows you to use double the amount (1/2 oz) of herbs for a stronger aroma and taste.

Have some errands to run? No worries, you can connect your smartphone to your Levo II. Apart from starting your infusion or activation process remotely, you can also share your recipes with other Levo users.

As you can see, the only downside of the Levo II Infuser is the steep price tag. But then again, there are phones that cost as much and they don’t make you any cannabis infused oil, do they?

Levo I and Levo II side by side review

 Levo ILevo II
Height190 mm355 mm
Width100 mm203 mm
Depth100 mm254 mm
Temperature ControlYesYes
Temperature Range0 – 93°C / 0 – 200°F0 – 93°C / 0 – 200°F
Dehydration and decarboxylation NoYes
WiFi ConnectivityNoYes
Power PodsYesNo

Final thoughts

We think Levo Oil is an absolute must-have. Why? The reason is simple – you can use it for just about any recipe out there. If you’re throwing a party for your friends, you can make some cannabis pasta, pot brownies, or a cannabis pie.

If, on the other hand, your grandma is coming to visit, you can also make a rosemary dressing for a salad, sans cannabis.

And what about your lover? Why not make a lavender-infused oil for a relaxing massage? The possibilities are endless.

Go for Levo I if:

  • you don’t have too much money on you. The basic version will do the job.
  • you are just entering the world of cannabis edibles. You’ll get practice and can later replace it with the upgraded version.

Go for Levo II if:

  • you already have experience but you need a helper.
  • you have money to spend 😊
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